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SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd

SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd have been providing specialist insurance solutions since 1963. The Company's reputation has been built on giving good honest advice and offering insurance products specially arranged to cover the exacting needs of our clients. Specialist schemes are available to cover funeral directors, private hire, rural taxis, equestrian insurance and much more.

t: 01708 850 000
e: enquiries@seib.co.uk
web: www.seib.co.uk

Sponsors of the SEIB Trailblazers Championships

The organisers of the SEIB Trailblazers Championships would like to thank all our sponsors for their most generous support. Please support our sponsors.

Official Bedding Supplier

A.W. Jenkinson

A.W Jenkinson Forest Products was formed in the mid-1960s when founder, Allan Jenkinson, took the initiative to collect unwanted sawdust and wood shavings from the sawmills of Cumbria and the Borders using a single tractor and trailer. He then transported the timber co=product to the area's farms where sawdust was, and still is, in great demand as livestock and pet bedding.

Today A.W. Jenkinson Forset Products and its associated businesses handle over 3 million tonnes of roundwood, woodchips, shavings, sawdust, bark, green waste and other timber co-products each year, collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other wood processing industries throughout the UK.

A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products' services link forestry, sawmilling, wood processing, building and demolition sectors with the demands of pulp, paper and panel manufacture, energy generation, agriculture, horticulture and amenity markets in an environmentally responsible cycle that makes a maximum use of one of the world's dwindling resources.

t: 01931 712644
web: www.awjenkinson.co.uk

Dodson & Horrell

Based at Islip in Northamptonshire, Dodson & Horrell is Europe's leading horse feed manufacturer. Founded in 1939, the family owned business produces a comprehensive range of feeds, chaffs and herbal products to meet the diverse needs of today’s equine markets, from happy hackers to leading event horses, top price yearlings to winning racehorses.

t: 01832 737 300
e: enquiries@dodsonandhorrell.com
web: www.dodsonandhorrell.com

Supreme Products

Supreme Products are leaders in equine grooming products for competitive disciplines. The range of grooming products and garments have been perfected over 25 years and offer the most comprehensive selection of show and arena preparation products to enhance your horses’ presentation when you really need it.

All of the products and garments are British made and of exceptional quality. The team believe that quality is the most important factor in the manufacture of their ranges and they do not cut corners nor rely on cheap imports in order to provide their clients with an exceptional range to suit their needs. Their products will produce the best results of any range on the market and due to the quality of the ingredients and fabrics they last a long time and always produce excellent value for money.

Supreme Products remains a company dedicated to customer service and the provision of the highest quality British-made products and garments.

t: 01377 2291050
e: info@supremeproducts.co.uk
web: www.supremeproducts.co.uk

Albion Saddlemakers

Renowned for their phenomenal understanding of human and horse anatomy, combined with bespoke saddle fitting solutions, it is no surprise that over the last 30 years, Albion Saddlemakers have become internationally recognised for producing equestrian products of the highest standard.

Albion’s technical designers and engineers have spent decades thoroughly testing the biomechanics of the horse and rider to design, manufacture and supply superior competition saddles, bridles and accessories that maximise horse and rider comfort, minimise interference and enhance performance.

t: 01922 646 210
e: sales@albionsaddlemakers.co.uk
web: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

Griffin NuuMed

Griffin NuuMed strives to produce the finest quality equestrian products at our factory in England, using British sourced materials. We aim to design, develop and create products which combine new materials and technology with traditional expertise to produce product ranges that help horse be as comfortable as possible and enable them to perform to the best of their ability.

NuuMed believes saddlepads should: • Fit horses and saddles properly • Work to provide optimum comfort for the horses back • Be made using top quality materials that stand the test of time • Be easy to look after – being washing day in day out if necessary and still perform.

Every NuuMed saddlepad and numnahs is designed, cut and sewn in Somerset by a team of highly skilled cutters, machinists and finishers. The huge wealth of experience, coupled with the crucial, up to date, vibrant input from our younger members of staff makes for a first class production team. NuuMed.... feel the difference

t: 01458 210324
e: info@nuumed.com
web: www.nuumed.com