Enjoy the SEIB Trailblazers Championships

what is trailblazers?

What is Trailblazers?

Trailblazers provides unaffiliated competitors an opportunity to qualify and compete at the Trailblazers Championship Finals. With no joining fee competitors can compete in any or all of the following disciplines held at approximately 60 venues across the UK:

• Combined Training • Dressage
• Showing and Working Hunter • Show Jumping

Trailblazers competitions in all disciplines can be treated as simply unaffiliated classes – just pay the entry fee in order to compete.

Trailblazers offers competitors the opportunity to ...

• Compete at the level they wish in the discipline of their choice
• To progress from first round qualifiers to second round qualifiers
• The chance to compete at a National Championship Final

With no membership fee its open to everyone!

How to Enter Trailblazers Qualifiers

Enter directly with your local venue based on their entry rules, for your local venue please visit the venues page.

How to Qualify for the Trailblazers Championship Finals

1. Enter a Trailblazers first round qualifier at one of the many Trailblazers approved venues

2. At the first round competition if a qualifying score is achieved by the competitor they are awarded a qualification letter. First round qualifying scores are as follows:

• Combined Training – placed in the top 5
• Dressage - gain 58% or more
• Showing and Working Hunter – placed in the top 4
• Show Jumping – gain a double clear

3. Once the competitor has their qualification letter competitors can if they wish purchase a second round qualification card for £12 (payment details and how to obtain your qualification card in the qualification pack).

4. Once the second round qualification card has been received the competitor may enter as many second round competitions at as many venues as they wish upon payment of the entry fee to try and gain qualification for the Trailblazers Championship Finals, make sure you take your qualification card with you for proof of qualification for the second round. For second round qualification requirements please see the specific discipline pages.

Trailblazers second rounds are held between March – May by all venues in the disciplines that they have held throughout the year.

Who does the qualification apply to?

The qualification is for the partnership of the competitor and the horse/pony. If the partnership ceases the qualification will too.

What does the qualification apply for?

The qualification card applies for the discipline and level you have qualified e.g. Dressage Preliminary or Show Jumping 75cm. If you qualify in different disciplines or different levels you will need a card per discipline or level.

Previously competed affiliated and want to know whether you are eligible to compete at Trailblazers?

Please see the specific discipline for rules regarding those who have previously competed affiliated.

Show me the rules for: Show Jumping - Dressage - Combined Training - Showing/Working Hunter

Trailblazers Discipline Information

Please visit the Competitions & Rules page for information on the levels and classes Trailblazers run.