become an approved trailblazers venue

Become an Approved Venue

Trailblazers does not charge venues any affiliation fees, but franchises out its competition concept. Approval is available to all equestrian venues that currently run competitions (including those affiliated to the BS and BD) as well as those run as training facilities or riding schools.

The Trailblazers concept and its competition structure was created to increase the usage, and therefore potential profitability of independently run equestrian venues.

Benefits of becoming a Trailblazers Approved Venue

• Increase the venues usage and potential profitability
• No affiliation fees or levies
• No penalties for running more competitions with bigger entries
• Venues can set entry fees at their discretion
• Venues can run competitions in any one or all of the Trailblazers disciplines
• Being associated with a nationally recognised series
• No restrictions on running any other types of competitions or events
• Venues can meet all the needs of their customers

Are there any costs to become a Trailblazers Approved Centre?

Once approved, it is free to become a Trailblazers Centre.

Requirements of a Trailblazers Approved Venue

• The availability of appropriately sized arenas and warm-up areas
• Hard standing for horsebox parking
• Catering facilities
• Full insurance cover

How to become a Trailblazers Approved Venue

For further information about Trailblazers approved venues please contact Sara Green with information regarding your venue and the website address for the venue.

Trailblazers Qualifier Venue Terms & Conditions

It is understood that all venues hosting Trailblazers qualifiers are bound by the Trailblazers Qualifier venue terms and conditions which may be downloaded in PDF format.