Enjoy the SEIB Trailblazers Championships

how to enter for trailblazers championships

How to Enter for the SEIB Trailblazers Championship Finals

The SEIB Trailblazers Championship Finals schedule packs have now been posted out to all qualified competitors. The Schedule pack includes stabling forms as required, so you should have everything you need to book your place at the Championships.

Download your 2018 Schedule here.

Combined Training, Dressage & Show Jumping Second Round Qualification

Once you have qualified in your second round (numbers to qualify are listed in discipline information and are different for each discipline), please ensure that the venue at which you qualified have filled out your name and address on the result sheet the venue have been given by Trailblazers.

The venue then sends these directly back to the Trailblazers office and you will be sent a schedule and entry forms for the Trailblazers Championship Finals in the post. Please note: schedules will not be sent out until the beginning of June.

Showing Qualification

Once you have qualified at a Trailblazers Qualifier (numbers to qualify and qualification process is detailed on the Showing discipline information page) and have received the qualification card the competitor must send this onto the Trailblazers Show Secretary (details on the qualification card) in order to be sent a Trailblazers Championship Finals schedule at the beginning of June prior to the Championships.

Enter By Post

To take up your qualification to the Trailblazers Championships please fill in your entry form and stable form and return it along with a Stamped Addressed Envelope (A5 sized, 229mm x 162mm) to the following address:

Trailblazers Championship - 62 Henry Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 3DY


Payment details will be on your Entry Form but payment may be made by cheque or credit/debit card. Please make sure you have put the correct postage on your envelope, it makes a difference as to what size and how thick your envelope is.

When We Have Your Entry

Upon receipt of your entry to the Trailblazers Championships, Trailblazers will send you a confirmation of entry card saying they have received your entry form in the stamped addressed envelope you have enclosed.

The confirmation of entry card you will receive will have a number on it, this number relates to:

• Entry form
• Stable booking

It is not your competition number or the number of your stable. These will be issued to you on your arrival.