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Show Jumping
Competitions & Rules

Trailblazers Show Jumping competitions consist of junior and senior riders competing on ponies (148cms and under) and / or horses (over 148cms). Please see below for a comprehensive guide to the rules for this discipline.

Competitions are available at the following levels

Show Jumping - Junior

• Junior Trailblazers 65cm 12 years and under Championship
• Junior Trailblazers 65cm Championship
• Junior Trailblazers 75cm Championship
• Junior Trailblazers 85cm Championship
• Junior Trailblazers 95cm Championship
• Junior Trailblazers 1.05m Championship

Show Jumping - Senior on Pony

• Senior on Ponies Trailblazers 65cm Championship
• Senior on Ponies Trailblazers 75cm Championship
• Senior on Ponies Trailblazers 85cm Championship

Show Jumping - Senior

• Senior Trailblazers 65cm Championship
• Senior Trailblazers 75cm Championship
• Senior Trailblazers 85cm Championship
• Senior Trailblazers 95cm Championship
• Senior Trailblazers 1.05m Championship

Competitions for Qualification may be combined, but must be split for qualification purposes.

Show Jumping - Rules (PDF)

For further details on competing in Trailblazers Show Jumping competitions, please download the Trailblazers Show Jumping Rules (PDF format).

• Trailblazers Show Jumping Rules (rev. Mar 2020)

• Trailblazers General Rules (rev. Mar 2020)

Eligibility to Compete in Trailblazers Show Jumping

Please see Trailblazers Show Jumping Rules, available above.

Competing at the Trailblazers Championship Finals

Riders can only jump a maximum of four horses or ponies in any one competition at the Trailblazers Championship Finals. Riders can only jump a pony / horse in four different Championships at the Trailblazers Championships Finals.

Direct Qualification for the Championship Finals

The qualifying period for year Championship Final is from 1 September the previous year till 1 June in the year of the Championship Final.

The 8 highest placed combinations will qualify from each Show Jumping Qualifier for the Trailblazers Championship Finals regardless of the number of entries in the Qualifier.

Competitors must qualify and purchase a Qualification Card for each show jumping level in which they wish to compete at the Championship Finals.

Riders can only jump a maximum of four horses or ponies in any one competition at Trailblazers Qualifiers.

Qualifying Partnerships

Only qualified partnerships (horse / pony and rider) from a Trailblazers Qualifier are eligible to compete at the Trailblazers Championship Finals.

Once qualifying partnerships have purchased their qualification card it must be sent to the Trailblazers Show Secretary in order to register their qualification.

Direct Qualification Card

Once a Competitor has qualified at a Trailblazers Qualifier they will be issued or should request a congratulatory letter from the Venue confirming that they have qualified. Should a Competitor decide to accept the qualification, then they may purchase the Direct Qualification Card from the Venue at which they qualified.

Once the Direct Qualification Card has been received the competitor must send this onto the Trailblazers Central Office (details on the qualification card) to be sent a Trailblazers Championship Finals schedule in June prior to the Championships.

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