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Competitions & Rules

Trailblazers dressage competitions consist of junior and senior riders competing on ponies (148cms and under) and / or horses (over 148cms). Please see below for a comprehensive guide to the rules for this discipline.

Competitions are available at the following levels

Dressage - Junior

• Junior Trailblazers Intro Championship
• Junior Trailblazers Preliminary Championship
• Junior Trailblazers Novice Championship

Dressage - Senior

• Senior Trailblazers Preliminary Championship
• Senior Trailblazers Novice Championship
• Senior Trailblazers Elementary Championship

Competitions for First Round and Second Round Qualification may be combined, but must be split for qualification purposes.

Dressage - Rules (PDF)

For further details on competing in Trailblazers dressage competitions, please download the Trailblazers Dressage Rules (PDF format).

• Trailblazers Dressage Rules (rev. Mar 2020)

• Trailblazers General Rules (rev. Mar 2020)

Eligibility to Compete in Trailblazers Dressage

Please see Trailblazers Dresage Rules, available above.

First Round Qualification - Numbers to Qualify

The qualifying period for dressage first rounds for each Championship Final is from 1 September the previous year until each individual Venue has hosted their dressage second round qualifier in the year of the Championship Final.

Competitor need a presentation score of 58% or over in a Trailblazers First Round to Qualify for the Trailblazers Second Rounds. First round qualification is required at each level to compete at a Second Round at that level.

Qualifying Partnerships

Only qualified partnerships (horse / pony and rider) from a Trailblazers First Round Qualifier are eligible to compete at the Trailblazers Second Round Qualifiers.

Dressage Qualification Card

Once a Competitor has qualified at a First Round Qualifier, they will be issued or request a congratulatory letter from the Venue confirming that they have qualified. Should a Competitor decide to accept the qualification for the second rounds, then they may purchase the Dressage Qualification Card from the Venue at which they qualified.

The Dressage Qualification Card can be used to compete in any Trailblazers Second Round at the level qualified. There is no restriction on the number of Second Rounds at the level qualified that a competitor may compete at to try to qualify for the Trailblazers Championship Finals.

Second Round Qualification

Every Show Organiser has the option to run one Second Round Qualifier at their Venue at each level for which they have run First Round Qualifiers.

Numbers to Qualify

Number TB StartersNumber to Qualify
up to 25 6
26 - 30 7
31 - 35 8
36 - 45 10

Splitting Second Round Qualifiers

Show Organisers that have more than 30 entries in a Second Round Qualifier have the option to split into two sections as it is unfair on the judge if the class is too large. Second Round Qualifiers with fewer than 30 entries may not be split. Competitors must check with the individual Venue as to whether a Second Round Qualifier has been split into two sections.

Should a Show Organiser split a Second Round Qualifier into two sections then the following numbers to qualify will apply.

Numbers to Qualify

Combined TotalNumber to Qualify
up to 35 4 each section
36 - 45 5 each section
46 - 55 6 each section
56 - 65 7 each section

Show Organisers must ensure that the sections are evenly split prior to withdrawals. Should there be more withdrawals in one section than the other the balance of entries between the two sections will not be adjusted.

Splitting a Second Round Qualifier into more than two sections may only be done with prior permission from the Trailblazers Central Office.

Juniors & Senior Second Round Qualifiers that run concurrently

A Show Organiser may run a Junior and Senior Second Round Qualifier at the same level as a joint competition. However, the result must be split into junior and senior competitors for qualification purposes. The number of senior entries will dictate the number of seniors to qualify and the number of junior entries dictates the number of juniors to qualify.

Qualifying Partnerships

Only qualified partnerships (horse / pony and rider) from a Trailblazers Second Round Qualifier are eligible to compete at the Trailblazers Championship Finals.

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