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Warm Welcome for Equi Jewel by Emily Galtry

Published: 23-Feb-2021

“The Trailblazers’ Team offers new Sponsor ‘Equi-jewel by Emily Galtry’ a very warm welcome, and are grateful for their support of this year’s Trailblazer’s Championships.

Based in South Wales, Dressage rider Emily Galtry of Equi-jewel offers exceptional quality handmade accessories for the stylish rider, with ranges including crystal and diamante browbands, stocks, hair accessories, and tailored competition jackets.

The best quality English leather and Swarovski and cut glass are used in these beautiful glittering pieces, and finest quality woven British cloth is dyed specifically to Equi-jewel by Emily Galtry’s specifications for their customised jackets.

Each piece can be tailored to suit an individual’s personal taste, colour preference and style to allow for a unique, bespoke and glamorous co-ordinated colour scheme for both horse and rider. We look forward to seeing what they have to offer at the Championships.

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